@#*$ &% and @#*$ &% and @#*$ &%…..I could swear….I just did…Just to top off all the stress and what my life is now were are back at home temporarily. To top it ALL off. My laptop has ALSO JUST GONE BANG !!!!!!!This is the same laptop repaired only yesterday with a new motherboard. As a good will gesture ! So its broken again. This is a nightmare !In the process of backing up the drives from my PC and trying to recover the lost files from my portable drive the laptop goes off. Nothing on screen and will not boot. @#*$ &% @#*$ &%@#*$ &%Henning thinks and Apple would be better. I say, everything breaks. When it heppens all together its a nightmare….2 PCs or 2 Apples same issue. Good look trying to get goodwill out of Apple…..

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