What About When You Come Back

But that’s two years away……(actually we came back in Sept 2014 so now it’s not ! Then we left again…..2018)

I’ve not really though about coming back much and to honest as its pretty low on the list of things to get sorted. I have two years to get it sorted in fact and that’s a long time. There’s been talk of never coming back and selling the house and buying one abroad. That’s still an idea but not too serious. We’d both miss the family but who knows. If we find a place where I can get a job doing something and the cost of living is cheap enough we might drop anchor somewhere foreign. Now that’s a scary thought……

Hopefully there’s something i can do wherever in this world we end up. I hope the people are as nice as at my current employer. I don’t think I’ve got a bad word to say about them really except there’s one or two that need a kick up the arse. If I had a motto it would be “say it like it is” and “right first time, every time”. You see I’m proud to be an IEngineer and I work because I enjoy it, not because I must. We should all be like that and do the job we want to do, not the one we must. Things just aren’t like that unfortunately but I intend to carry on regardless of what convention thinks I should be doing.

Thailand sounds good…..?

In fact we went on a full 45 Day reconnaissance mission to Thailand in 2023 and decided although its going up in price we might like to stay for a year or more. I still have it in the back of my mind that Laos or Cambodia might also be OK. Maybe Vietnam? So who knows. We will know pretty soon I think as we have a plan.