Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

About Us

Hi, We’re Nelly & Jelly

We started our travels both of us around 40 ( I’m over 50 now ! ) and we come from a lovely place in “Gods Own Country” i.e. “sunny” South Yorkshire. We were both gainfully employed where I worked for an Internet provider and the better half worked for the payroll department of a well-known retailer amongst other places as we have had a few jobs over the years. We have no children and are, as they say, DINKY or Dual Income No Kids (Yet) we should change that to DINKE (Ever). To be honest we are both too old now. 

In our old 110 from the first trip in Bolivia

We own our own home and do not intend to sell it unless we decided to stay away for more than the two years planned. Well that was the origional plan as we’ve been away way longer than that. We started in 2011 so 2 years changed to more than 10.

We both have small families and they will be missed whilst we are away although we will always have a plan to get home for emergencies. I would recommend allowing for a visit home in your journeys especially as it can be cheaper than shipping out spare parts ! That’s the tight Yorkshireman coming through. We’ll see how he gets on with the bribes and Baksheesh in foreign lands…..he won’t enjoy that. (Apologies for using the third person, I do that now and again)

As a bit of an update to the who we are part after we got back from the first trip of 974 days we both managed to find jobs again.  Strangely since we both got back we both had three jobs. I don’t mean all at once so I mean one after the other. Then it all went a bit wrong. I left a good job to go to somewhere that essentially used me to win a massive deal and then get rid of me and the next place was a disaster and decided, in my opinion, i wasn’t worth the money. So that ended well ! (see below*) Anyhow we then left again in 2018 and we’ve been on the road since. Pretty much anyhow albeit for the COVID hiatus of about 7 months in lockdown.

We made some moves getting in some investment properties and renting them out so we can afford to fund this trip. That’s going OK, well partially. Renting properties in the UK is a horrendous mess of legislation.

Seemingly disputing unfair contract terms and not signing my contact meant you get sacked for using the phone for personal calls. A phone I might add that was my own mobile, which I paid for !  So much for all the hours I put in for them for free. Its only the few minutes on the phone that gave them an excuse to ditch me for not signing the contract which I disputed as unfair. Couldn’t be bothered to take them to court.