The Big Plan

Its on…..We Left late October 2011…….we finished in 2014 and we’ve left on the next one in September 2018…

The new plan is West Africa and then over to India…..updated 22/9/18

Well that all went wrong. Thanks to COVID we’re still in Africa after almost 5 years. Sudan is messing up the transit plans to the middle east so it looks like we are re not going to India just yet. 18th June 2023

The new plan seems to be Mombasa Kenya over to somewhere in the Middle East and then try and make our way back to Europe via Iraq. (July 2023)

Previous Trip

Leaving the UK sometime in October. Drive across Europe and travel to the middle east via Syria. Cross into Jordan and across the Red Sea into Egypt. Push south via the east cost route.

Planned Departure is 19th October. Cross into Syria in convoy in the first half of Decemeber. 

We crossed Syria on the 14th November 2011 with a Dutch couple as they couldn’t find anyone else going at the same time so we bumped our crossing up one month.

AFRICA (December 2011 ~ April/May 2012) (departed UK Oct 26th 2011)

Current plan is departure October 2011. This is slowly slipping. The best time to leave seems to be late summer early Autumn for the Africa Route as we should miss most of the really hot stuff in Africa however that not as easy as it sounds with such a large distance to cover in this leg of the journey.

We missed all the rains in Africa but the penalty for being slow is we arrive in SA in winter. Its getting colder by the day. If you want to know what dates we were in certain places take a look at the “Where Are We” map and click the pins to get the dates.

Looks like shipping to South America will be November 2012. Hopefully.

SOUTH AMERICA (Dec 2012 ~ May 2013) (we did it and we are got there . Dec 2012 !)

We seem to have a plan to ship the car to South America. No idea when or how but that’s the plan. Drive all the way up to the top and ship into North America.

So South America is well underway and we are almost at the top. We made it to Central America in June 2013.

NORTH AMERICA (September 2013 – ) (we did it and we are still here in the USA. Sept 2013)

Drive around the USA for a bit. If funds are getting low this might be bypassed to go to India. Want to get to Canada before it gets cold so re-route to India if its the wrong time of year. We will have a ride along visitor in the USA for at least a month.AUSTRALIA (CANCELLED due to AQIS and the pain in the arse they are)
Getting the car in will be hard. I’m not looking forward to getting it clean. I will take weeks. However we’ve driven round the Northern Territory for a few weeks and would like to do it again. I can just see Aircon being fitted.

Looks like our trip ends after Canada and Amercia. We do not have funds to carry on past there. If you can think of a way to get us funded, let me know !

We’d like to drive from the East to the West. Hopefully some of the conflicts will have stopped and things changed out there. We’d like to do Vietnam and Laos again and all the nice places round there. It seems like a lot of shipping though. The ultimate aim is to drive back from India. How possible that is, i do not know. Bloody paperwork.

INDIA (Current plan to get us home after the Americas)
The current latest big thing is driving home from India. This is a good plan. We will drive India, Pakistan, Iran and home via Turkey into Europe. This may be at the detriment of quite a few other continents….we may skip Australia and North America all together. We also know someone thats done this solo on a Motorbike so she (yes she) will be a mine of information.