After an epic flight(s) yesterday we are here,,,,,,I say we, as Matilda is still in Port Elizabeth in South Africa.We are in South America in Buenos Aires.The flights went without much excitement. I ate 8 airline meals in the 27 hours of flying. We spent 35 hours in the hands of Qatar Air. They still managed to scare the hell out of me with the onward tickets as the desk staff didn’t know who we were and wern’t briefed even though we’d been to their office just an hour before and saw the lady who said they would be briefed!We were annoyed all the way to Qata by a screaming child who was louder than the numerous babies on board. If i were its parent(s) it would have rceived a slap. It screamed every time It didn’t get what it wanted, and as seemingly usual, they gave it everything it wanted to shut it up. They were also only just the other side of the bulkhead from Business Class. Had I been sat in business I would not have been happy about that at all.The taxi ride from EZE Buenos Aires airport to downtown San Telmo with Remis Taxi’s was $200Peso and quick. They dropped us at the front of Hostel Tango Argentina and we checked in. The room is basic and small and right next to reception. The 24inch fan masks any noise. Its just like being in the back of Malitda. Its about as hot ! Trip advisor to come on that. We might be here for weeks.More updates later today with photos of the room.

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