Breakfast Club

At the moment its nice. A cup of tea or two and a light breakfast. What will we think of it in a 22 (or more) days….$200peso per night small room with an even smaller toilet. You’d really have to have thin legs to shut the door. Some pre-planning is needed if you want to close it. Cleaned every day and sheets and towels. It pretty noisy been next to the reception but the MASSIVE FAAAANNN covers that noise at night. Julie has a stiff neck because of the fan and where are the pain killers,,,,,in the car of course.The Breakfast comes most days with Dulce De Leche which isn’t half bad. If i had to tell you what it tastes like its honey mixed with 1% peanut butter. Only the slightest hint of the peanut butter as its been nowhere near a peanut. The drink of kings….Tea a plenty. Its nice Tea and we now know what brand we will be buying down here.Yesterday we went to see the Malvinas protestors. Said hello and ran away….we said it very quietly….they hate us probably. It not my fault. Politics again and we have an entire page on the problem this causes….nothing in it about this problem but its a problem all the same. If the Argentinians learnt to speak English we might be able to discuss it with them. My Spanish is poor to non-existant and Julies is just,,,, poor.We’ve found a cinema with Skyfall showing in English. Yay !!!We got a SIM for my phone and I’ve learnt something. I’m embarrassed to say I found out something I never knew. Its technical and I should have known. I apologise to all that think i’m infallable. My Nokia E71 cannot get data in South America  for the most part as they use different frequencies for 3G than the rest of the world (at least most of it) Why I cannot get GPRS Edge i do not know but that doesn’t work either. So this means unless I buy a new phone we are limited to Internet Cafes. Something we’ve only have to do twice in the entire 13 months. The more modern phones have the capabilty to do all frequencies but being a quad band phone isn’t enough.  Mine is quad band so calls work fine but the $100peso credit was wasted. I’ve added a translator to the blog on the right. Obviously if you can read this your don’t need it and If you can’t read this you still won’t get the message so I hope you see it Mr. Not English Person. Thanks.

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