Matilda is on here way on the boat and the boat is underway and so are we. We’re moving into an apartment. barely cheaper than the hostel,,,,in fact not really cheaper at all as the hostel were giving us two nights free. So the apartment works out more expensive, just. The hostel also comes with breakfast and the aprtment comes with a sofa, TV and kitchen (that we can use) and pots and pans. Its not in the best location but its an OK location. Can it be any more noisy, we shall see. The train line is close and the apartment is on the 12th floor. At the moment we need to print something out and this is a problem…..We are having a deal of difficulty finding someone to help us get car insurance for Matilda. We have two weeks to do it or she’s staying on the docks. More pictures of the room, outside. Notice reception nearby and the terrace! The window is our window. My trip advisor review will be completed in a few days. I will, as always, give it a proper review with proper star rating. The sign here says its a 4 star trip advisor.

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