Double Indemnity

So as mentioned yesterday here are the details for the insurance office in Buenos Aires. The lady in the office who speaks English is really helpful and will talk over the phone or via Email.Ana Kolarik (name of lady)Seguros Rivadavia (Insurance Company Name)1054 Bernardo de Irigoyen (road its on)Phone 11 5167 2400Email: AKOLARIK@SEGUROSRIVADAVIA.COM(its a few hundered meters south of “Independencia” Sube “Metro Underground Station” in San Telmo and just basically on a side road to Ave 9 de Julio. If you get to Humberto Primo you’ve gone too far South but at least you’re on the correct side of the road)They will insure cars or bikes the standard rate seems to be $288peso per month. They might discount it slightly especially if you pay cash and for 6 months or more. If you speak spanish you might be able to get more discount. TAGSInsurance South America MERCOSUR Argentina Brazil Paraguay Uruguay Bolivia Chile Peru

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