World War Z

How many films can you name featuring Zombies….quite a few I bet and that even without using Google or thinking too hard. Well today we paid to see it in 3D. After the epic fail to see Superman we needed some big screen action. I’m not quite sure what I think of it to be honest. Its OK. The first part is good for sure and then it turns into any other film of the same “world ending” genre. Go see it so they can get back their $450 million. Then when the DVD comes out with the million minutes of footage they scrapped… it. It will be better maybe. Were they hoping for a number 2….I think so. Not a chance in hell.We are still on the beach. We cannot leave no matter how much Henning moans that we are not moving. Our permission for the car starts on the 10th so we cannot enter the next country until then. So we leave here today or the next to get our location for the border dash and safely on to the next town. Sometimes these things take 4 hours so we allow plenty of time to cross two borders. Out and In….I’m wondering if any of my nieces are reading this? One should have their new Internet feed installed soon so I wonder If she will. Not that any of them are In any way interested in my rambling crap or the Land Rover. I still wonder.We have well over 300 daily readers (you might be one) who read all the time. We can even tell you where you are and which browser you are using and how long you read each page……scared yet? There are many more reports like which town you are in and your internet service provider. This is the same info the BIG companies have when you go online shopping. Ever wondered about the adverts you see at the side of your Facebook page. Well they are specifically “for you” made from the same statistics we collect. Its a case of Big Brother watching….In this case its Big Bird. Half of them mean nothing to me however…..

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