Saving Private Ryan

I’m sorry we are not posting much at the moment but as you might be able to tell from comments in the last post we had a bit of a problem with our security. We are however saving posts which are not published to put up later when we are in a wholly different country to the place where we had a problem. The first and only time in the entire trip we have had a problem. We’ve been through a war zone and seen riots in certain countries. We’ve been told not to go to many places where we’ve had no problems at all. So one incident and we’ve had to look at how we deal with publicity and the web site. We’ve even considered completely taking it down. If we had no web site we would both feel a lot better but the damage is already done. We’ve taken the web site off the car. We didn’t get any visitors off that anyhow. Well maybe a few in Brazil but not many. Its better off gone, so it is. We might put it back in North America.So don’t expect much from the website for a while. We’ve put the map back online but this will also be updated later. It will not be,,,, in any way,,,, live. We are considering how much delay there should be in placing pins. We are not sure.I urge others traveling to consider the implications of having you web site on the car. Its bad enough having a car that’s easy to spot from a kilometer but having a web site on it makes you easy to spot from another continent !

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