Dont Blame It On Riopart 2

So the noise and mayhem continued for one more day and then today on Wednesday it was all over. The crowds outside the car park where we are camping are gone and the road is open. The noise on the Rave Club may not happen tonight, fingers crossed. Last night there were two clubs in competition and considering the other was well over a kilometer away on the other side of the marina it was hard to tell which was loudest. I know the other went on way past 6am and our neighbour till only 6:15am. The vodka helped drown out the noise…..It was, as the comments say, been an experience and truely and honestly if you want to come somewhere to get drunk for five days and have the party of your life then this is the place to come. If only I were younger and not as mature ! It may look like we had a blast but compared the the younglings we didn’t even try…..Now we start the sight seeing. We’ve not been to any of the sights yet.

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