Sugar Rush

Another hot sweaty day tramping round the sights. On a more serious note my backup shorts have nearly had it….what will I do !!!!!????? The reserve-backup-emergency pair are in the UK……I can feel a DHL care package coming on…..Julies hair is getting long and thats just the ones on here legs…..I had a shave and Julie nicked another razor. Julies hair (on her head) is long and not falling out as much (as it was) due to us increasing her medication. A trick I recommended and the ever knowing Doctors in the UK said would not work. Well if you read this Miss Doctor….you know less than the Specialists in the USA. This is why they are Specialists and your a GP….If you’d listened to the other stuff I told you it might have solved the hair problem all together !I’m sorry but the internet knows more than most people can ever know. Used wisely its the font of all knowledge.

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