Last Postman Of The Apocolypse

Yesterday I asked my Dad if he’d got the car I sent via DHL on the 24th Decemeber. He had not. Today it arrived. Amazing.DHL usually don’t take so long but they now have a black mark against them. I think nearly 2 months to deliver a letter is a bit rough.I’m dumping some more photos in the photo section. Might as well since we have the bandwidth. The ones of the point white canvas tent thing are actually the marina where we are staying. We went looking for shorts….not found any,,,, so I’ve zipped the legs off my walking trousers. I’ve not resorted to wearing the zipped off bits on my head yet…..thats was reserved for Mr. J. Clarkson on his Boliva trip when he stole Mr. R. Hammonds “legs”. A must see Top Gear special. Available on YouTube…or at least it was.

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