Really hard to find Wi-Fi here.Firstly a flannel was stolen from the bonnet whilst drying then one of the stickers off the rear door. Some little shitty kids stole Malawi. Little fcukers!! It cannot be replaced easily and it involves a print shop and a lot of money to get a new set made. We might find somewhere in Paraguay for cheap like we did in Uganda.The Black and Decker Inverter stopped working and it looks like the heat got to it. We managed to get another 110V (only 300w) version in a car audio place. It was £75 which is damn expensive. At least we can now charge the laptop. The drill and dremel however cannot be charged (no hair trimmer either) and I need to charge both ! Need to make a new bracket for the gas bottle. So its hand saw time and trying to drill a hole by holding a drill. We might find a garage willing to help.I also need to get some more brackets made to stop my hub caps popping off. The ones I made in a car park in Chile are not up to the job. According to some Paraguay is the place to get stuff done.Julie broke to map but its now fixed.

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