Big 5 Nope Big 3 Yes I Got The Horn

We visited another park and to be honest its wasn’t very good. However it was cheap so that knocks it up a peg or two in a Yorkshiremans rating. Theres some photos in the Misc Section. We’ve been having fun and games with the online access so we actually have loads to say but rather than bore you to death I’ll keep it simple. We met Des and Brenda again in the park and if you follow my trip advisor reviews you’ll see what i thought of the camp in the park on there eventaully. The camp outside the park was significantly cheaper and in my opinion just as good (almost better). So if you go to Liwonde National Park stay at Liwonde Safari Camp right near the park gates but importantly not inside the park!After that we went to Fat Monkey on Lake Malawi. Stayed three nights as Dash needed a rest. Don’t forget to look at the other photos in the Misc Section.
After leaving Fat Monkeys we went to Blantyre and made the stupid mistake of staying at Doogles again. You will need to see trip advisor for that one. Worse mistake for a long time……(again,,, since the week before actually)Yesterday we climbed Mount Mulanje or at least part of it. Julie is very sore and was showing her age…..shes 40 today. I ran up like a young man. She should be so lucky to have a toned hunk like me. I used to be a chunk but i lost the “c” somewhere in Europe or north Africa. I’m eating loads of steak to compensate.

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