The Passion Of Christ

We are so impressed by the system to get you up to “Christ” you can see the amazement in the picture…..(3 hours to kill to get our booked train, you can’t just turn up….) It was nearly as good (bad) as the film…..The pissing on the fence continued for the entire day(s). Sometimes there were many more involved and even ladies…we were sat at the back of the car and they’d roll up and piss about 2 meters from us having a beer….lovely. After all its Carnival so anything goes. The police did draw the line at the sex happening in the corner near Matilda and demonstrated his Taser…..however he didn’t Taser them properly only made the Taser “light up” and make the unique sound. If you’d like to see Tasers in action on YouTube theres plenty of videos and even the places the police may have Tasered the couple in question!Christ it was very busy……

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