Out Of Africa

Thanks to: The LR4x4 Forum Members, Mike and Margaret, Chris Parsons,  Intercontinental Hotel Staff Cairo & Aqaba, The Staff at Marriot Sharm, The guide with the wire like wiskers at Karak, Mustafa & Family, The Police Mess Musoma, Dragonaires & Guy & Family, Malcolm & Jenny, Kobus & Alett, Des & Brenda, Bruce & Family, The Kruger Pensioners, Oppi Koppi & Vital, Ivan & Family, Walvis Bay Yacht Club, Des and Hennie and Nick and Vicky. Special thanks to my mother (sometimes father) for looking after stuff in the UK and to Jo at Santander for looking after my money. We’ve rescued or helped (I think) 16 stranded motorists on this trip. They range from the first with a broken timing belt to the last with a flat tyre (it was a taxi!). We’ve been stuck three or four times and needed towing out only once. We also tow started a car the same day after i’d out all the towning gear back in the box under the seat. We paid one bribe for a speeding ticket. We were speeding.  We left one driving licence with a copper who said we were speeding when we wern’t. We switched off the engine a few times and told the official to “take a running jump” or just plain “no way” for things ranging from toll prices to fire extinguisher size. We waited/squatted 1h:15mins for the fire extinguisher one. We’ve met a lot of lovely people. So if your not on the list above please don’t be mad. I might have forgotten but Julie certainly hasn’t and you’ll be in the book if we ever do one (probably not). You might even be in the film of the book played by some movie star. Julie is doing a diary so when we are old and grey theres no arguments about where we went, who we met and what we did. Keep in touch Africa, Over and Out…..

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