Over The Hedge1

The laptop is on good behaviour although when the engineer changed the motherboard he didn’t move over the CD card reader. So they are coming back on Friday. Muppet…Last few days we’ve been working hard. Trying to get the house back in order. Spent 2 days cutting the hedge. I’m knackered. Four trips to the dump to get rid of the cuttings. Wheres the Defender when you need it. Most of the paperwork is done although we are still waiting for the Carnet deposit back and our money from the post office bank (who managed to piss me off so much I told them to stick there 1.9% account) I’ll put it somewhere else where people work who can read. Their customer service is shocking (the bank part). We are skint. Well almost. The expense of coming home is measured in £1000’s so far. There was a lot of outstanding things to do and thats not yet counting the travel insurance for the next 6 months.

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