Freaky Friday

I’m not freaking out yet….So coming home has been a fest of broken failing devices. Shower and cooker being noteworthy….On a more positive note the car passed its MOT so we are now mobile and don’t need to borrow Mums car. Actually its Dads car and he put up with the flowers on the side……me not so much…..How about some bear paws….hehe. Thanks Mum.So the reason for the post. My portable hard drive was accidentially partially deleted….my fault. We copied (recovered!) off all the data to my main PC at home (7 hours work). This is the one that contains ALL photos and backups on multiple redundant drives. This has failed. Completely failed. I supect motherboard or PSU (power) and I do not know whats happened to any of the data. I’m currently creating another backup of the photos since Africa (that would be the 6000 of the America’s). The Africa ones are in a state of limbo until I can get another PC or buy a USB to SATA adapter to see if they still exist on any of the drives. I think I have 3 copies of them but its a long time since I did the backups. Recovery, if possible, will need to be done via the laptop they repaired today in my home (Argh !). Problem is copying many GBs of files around means lots of blank storage. I’ve just got another 1TB of storage. This is enough for maybe 15% of my stuff…..and thats only the recent stuff.So i’m freaking out and have maybe 48 hours of copying to do onto blank drives I cannot afford. Worse case is we get a new PC in another lifetime…..this may have to wait until we get jobs next year…..

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