The Paperwork Explosion

You know that little piece of paper that you need for the car. You know, the Carnet de Passages En Douane. Well you don’t really need one but it makes it easier in some counties (and much harder in some).Yet again we come back to get it refunded and they’ve changed the rules. Now they want additional proof that the car left the last country we used it in. I mean the stamp from the last country isn’t good enough to proove it left. So whats the point of the document then ? You only have it so it can be stamped in and out but they don’t consider the last stamp out as enough proof in case the last country come back and says its not left……strange that. The very country that stamps it out might claim and say their own stamp isn’t good enough. How can that be ?And don’t get me started on the nightmare that is now the RAC Carnet process. If we do any travelling again, I’m getting a fake because its just not worth the hassle of dealing with them now. Its easier and cheaper to pay people bribes and get one printed. Its cheaper in every other country in the world to get one than in the UK via the RAC. If you’ve looked at their current pricing you will know what I mean. To be perfectly honest its crimal what they are doing. Almost certainly illegal under EU law. Anyhoo. Tomorrow sees the end of another long and annoying process. HP have finally agreed to change my motherboard in my laptop. The motherboard that was delivered to Argentina 6 weeks after we ordered it is being fitted in my home tomorrow. Its only been faulty since Kenya….the day we purchased it.Still loads of admin to do and stress. They even want me to buy a TV licence for 7 weeks which they then won’t refund when we leave as we arn’t leaving permanently. So we have no live TV and we are watching catch up internet services.

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