The Big 5 Spotted At Des And Brendas

Last night we were invited to Des and Brenda’s. Actully we sort of invited ourselves along and they accepted. We were made roast chicken as brenda certainly knows how to cook good, normal food. Proper food for a Yorkshirman in any case. I had two plates full (again). THANKS BRENDA !!! We also drank way too much so we slept over in their amazing house with the menagerie that is Brenda’s (and her daughters) dog and cats. Thomas (O’Malley) the cat decided to sleep in our room which turned out to be a mistake. To be woken by a cat sitting on your chest purring is alarming and thankfully it liked Julies bed more than mine. She’s knackered…We kicked it (Thomas the cat) out at maybe 4am as we had to be up at 7:30am due to Des and Brenda going to work. BTW if you can’t remember who Des and Brenda are,,,,they are the ones on the rock waving at us in Lake Malawi whilst we were all snorkelling. We had a great evening and said our goodbyes this morning as they all dashed off to work. We made Brenda late…sorry.Yet another example of South African hospitality….Tonight we stay in the garden of another overlander we met in a car park. He travelled here in 2008 in his Land Rover and we just bumped into him in a car park. He offered for us to stay at his place on the coast and who are we to decline. Tonight we are in Southbroom. If you want to know all about them their web site is still up Thanks Guys.

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