As Predicted

Woken at a little before 8am by kids and dogs but supprisingly no leaf guy.Been to see Madagascar 3 today. Well worth the ticket price. Much better that 2 and probably better than 1. In 3D and this time the projectionist was doing his job and the 3D was perfect unlike when we saw Men in Black. Go see it if only for the song at the end which you’ll be singing all day.Thats it for films now until we return later in the year and see the new Batman film. I’ve missed the movies but we still have lots to watch on the Laptop.Today we met another Overlander in a car park. The left the UK in 2008 and are living here. Actually they are from here (or there, SA) and drove back in 2008/9. They have offered the use of there cottage on the coast for a night or two. We will only be sleeping outside if we go there but all stuff for free is GOOD stuff. Not only because i’m a Yorkshireman but because its another day on the trip later on. Front drive flanges checked today and they look OK. No significant movement so the front clunk is the output shaft on the trans box. They have the parts on Joburg so i will change it there on the drive of nice SA couple we met here in the camp. They are all so nice…….to us. Not sure if they all go out murdering small children every night but they are being nice to us in any  case ! While i was there the wheel bearings were checked and I also got myself a nice little fold up axle stand which i’ve missed having since leaving the UK. Now my Dad can pass comment on seeing the use of a stand rather than the lack of use of anything…See Dad, I do listen sometimes.

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