No,,,, i’m not refering to the biggest waste of time TV show but the fact that we seem to have lost 8 months….Yes thats right its been 8 month since we left. Actually is not 8 months and 2 days. My father reminded me its been that long and he also pointed out that had I driven to work each day i would have done more miles in the UK than we have driving here. An amazing fact but slightly erroneous. To get to work it was 56 miles (not that i used to go there every day) and lets presume i had a normal job and i needed to go there every week day as many people do. Thats 56 there and 56 back, so 112 miles per day and around 3 hours travelling. We’ve been gone 177 working days (i’ve counted) so thats in miles 177 days x 112 miles =  19824 Miles to work and we’ve driven as of today 24366 Miles. For those that need facts in a few days we will have driven the entire equatorial distance round the planet earth which is 24901 Miles. We also noticed the other day another Doncaster couple are (allegedly, as we’ve seen it all before i.e. Grandmother on the Harley motorbike that never set off) setting off to do the trip down africa. This was in the Doncaster Star, or at least on the web site. Its amazing that when i contacted them they wern’t interested in us. Since we are on a much longer journey than the other couple i’m still amazed. Possibly the fact that we have no sponsorship or charity intentions we’re not good news. I should also point out that if they’d given even part of the money they have spent on their car to chartiy they would have raised more than they have actually raised for real. They could have then flown here with the remainder or indeed possibly stopped off everywhere they were gonig to go. I know we certainly could have gone first class round the world for less. Makes you wonder. We might have been able to do it twice…….! Oh ! I should also point out Africa is a bottomless pit for charity money. If it doesn’t go missing due to corruption the money is very poorly used. Well mostly. We send millions upon millions here and it does little good for many communities. We still see people in South Africa without water. This is South Africa ! not Ethiopia. They’d be better off distributing plastic bottles in Ethiopia where they really need them. We handed out a few ourselves and it was amazing how happy they were with a used water bottle !! Used 5 litre oil bottles were treated like gold and they even have a financial value tot he locals as they last ages once they are washed out.Today i bought a book by Jeremy Clarkson. Actually it was free with a magazine but all the same this is the first book i’ve ever bought. I might read it since he moans as much as I do.We’ve got a slight problem with Matildas hip (Transfer Box) she might need a hip replacement.

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