Home Alone

The Defender is parked up with some generous Americans and were are in the UK for all of 7 weeks. We’ve missed the family and we are back for Xmas.A few updates on the gearbox. We’ve sold the damaged one to a guy in the states and will get back some of the core charge. Its only one bearing that needs replacing so it might make him a good amount of money if he’s selling it on.We managed to find a shower in town where we parked the car meaning we didn’t need to travel back to the UK all smelly. Thanks to some local teens and a guy called Bob in the coffee shop (we were drinking Tea!). Bob suggested we try the Liberty Corner Church and they really looked after us ! We even got a “doggy bag” of toiletries. Thanks to them. We hope to go back to see them when we return.Our friends at Kiwipanamerica are seeing some of the sights we went to and they are covered in snow. What a difference a month makes…..We are now trying to get our house in order here and have about a million administration duties to perform. Dentist, Bank, Cars, Insurance, Doctors and all other sorts of things to do. We need some parts for the Land Rover and I have an exhaust pipe to cut up so we can get it back to the UK.

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