Lost Boys

We are not quite lost but we’ve lost our blogging spirit. We’ve been doing Instagram and FB posts quite a bit. It takes so long to do a proper blog post it just falls down the list. Once I’ve got some better WiFi I will post some YouTube videos. We got stuck….i think that’s on Insta. Been all over Morocco now but make no mistake we’ve not seen it all. We’ve been doing a bit of stuff helping others out as much as we can. We do know getting insurance in town in Morocco is about the same as getting at the port. So for those that want Car Insurance in Morocco its 932MAD for a Land Rover in down and just a shade under 1000MAD in Tangiers Med. So your choice.  I’ve posted before about how to get tickets and stuff for the ferry before. We’ve also got a IAM (Maroc Telecom) sim. It needs some random stuff doing to make it work but they are 20 or 30MAD and then 10Gig is 100MAD. What we do know is about 6 weeks after you start using it they want you to register. If you do not you get cut off. You can register in the MT shops in the larger towns. You cannot do it anywhere else. I tried. With regards to the random stuff sometime you will get FB and WhatsApp but no true internet. If you dial 888 and then press 2 and 1 after listening to all the messages and then hang up. Then dial 555 listen to the message and hang up. This sometimes makes the internet work on a new sim. I got this off Reddit after searching. It seemed to work. We’ve had a few issues with the car. Firstly we have white foam ontop of the PAS (powersteering) reservoir. Just on the clear glass. The liquid is crystal. So we changed it in a Total Garage using the free pit and workshop. Its made no difference. I think its just that we have a clear bowl and you don’t see it foam on the black standard ones. We’ve also had a oil cooler pipe unscrew and eject 2 litres of oil into the dessert. We fixed that but the pipe is leaking from its union so a nice guy is bringing us some down from Belgium. Thanks Patrick! (thanks to Mark and Larry again at LVB in Doncaster for the parts. We are here again in Midelt waiting for Partick to “Mule” them down. Top bloke! Midelt is bloody freezing at night. We’ve been back to see Cirque de Jaffar which is where we nearly turned Matilda over in 2011. We blogged that. Its now been widened and made good. So we went to look. We did however go slightly wrong getting there the day before and ended up in a pickle…..we survived. Again will try to post videos on YouTube. I will link them in a blog post when i do.

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