John Wick 3 Morocco Edition

They are actually filming it here so I’m sure my normal habit of using film titles is allowed in this case. However I’m not sure that anything we have done recently is related to the title which is what we normally go for.
Been almost all camp sites so far and not much adventure so we are hoping someone might come down and help us change that. We don’t like going too far off the beaten track on our own.
Bits Sandy in the Sahara. We went for a bit of a walk up the dunes. WE walked up the BIG one. You gotta do it once. Erg Chebbi.
If you want to see how big the dune is…This is people on the top. Its not an easy walk but taking your time and having a rest and pack lunch at the top is three hours. Walking to the top is 90 mins for the unfit from the hotel. We took 4 litres of water which was plenty.
A German guy made some art in the dessert…..Hannsjörg Voth was him. We did not pay the 20€ fee each to go inside. You only need to pay this since somebody (“stupid American”) fell down the steps and tried to sue the Artist (allegedly as we’ve been told this by a third party).
 We’ve also been to what has to be one of the best camps in Morocco. Toilets immaculate.
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