Christmas Vacation

SQUIRREL! Its December the first and Christmas is starting in NYC. The residents in the  apartment we are camping outside have been very interested in the car. Theres been speculation to what we are doing and why we are here. Ranging from “Making a film” and “selling Christmas trees”. We can hear every word outside the car when they are discussing it/us. The doorman seems to be the main peddler of information and talks to all the residents but we’re not sure if he’s the one peddling miss-information. He seems to be looking after us. Anyhow we’ve now talked to a few of them and they’ve even donated some food ! More importantly some wine ! We’ve been give a pumpkin pie and some soups. Thanks to all. We must remember to give them the knife and fork back…..strangely they lent us a knife which Americans don’t seem to use at all favoring the fork for anything and everything.We managed to get a shower after 4 days. We managed to find a nice girl on a hostel desk that let us have one in the dorm showers. Excellent as we really needed one. The only other place is the rec center which although its only $50usd for a year was too expensive for the time we are here. You can use any rec center in NYC so its good value if you are here a while.We’ve wandered around central park for a bit in the cold. It would be nicer in summer.Grand Central station where we’ve been before was on my list as last time I didn’t see the front you see in all the films. Think, I am Legend with Will Smith hanging upside down. The Empire State is just too expensive now to go to the top. They have a two level price. You can go to the 86th for something expensive and then even more to the top. Been here, done that.We went to see Hunger Games Catching Fire and although the cinema was something special the film was not. It ends waiting for the next one. The seats were electric reclining and like something you’d see on TV in an add from La-Z-Boy. Seat picture link.You might see my review on facebook and trip advisor for a crappy restaurant we went to. The waitress complained about the 16% I left her. Talking to the guys in the apartment they’ve never had it happen to them and thought 16% was a fine tip and “normal”. The waitress thought the tip should be double the tax so this meant I should have give her another 11c …. REALLY !! I’m going to copper up some pennies to give here exactly what she wanted. We left $2.37 rounding up $15.13 to $17.50 but she wanted $17.61. I want to swear ! Stupid cow.

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