Towering Inferno

A mostly successful day and we are both shattered. We’ve got insurance for Matilda. We’ve moved into the aparment (and can smell gas). We’ve discovered the Argentinian black market !!! We’ve reported the gas smell and turned it off…mumWe can get US Dollars changed to Pesos and a rate of 6.15 rather than 4.8 and to the accountants among you thats nearly 28% better which is a LOT. Imagine you’re just about to spend $2600USD on something like shipping your car….imagine a 28% saving….imagine about $500USD being knocked off the cost…..BONUS !!!! Yorkshiremen everwhere rejoice……I know I am.Photos of the apartment tomorrow and details of where to go for the insurance. Cross posted to “The Hubb” of course. Oh and I need to do the tripadvisor on the hostel. So far the company that do the apartment seem pretty professional. The owner lives next door and the agent, just up the road.Insurance was $1454peso for 6 months basic third party liabilty only. Bikes are the same price. It covers most of South America.We travelled to the ends of Buenos Aires and back twice today. We walked about 10km. Actually it was a route march. The Argentinian AA were no good for the insurance but pointed us back to a company a few streets from the hostel and we’d walked 5km to get there so off we went back. Isn’t it always the case. My Argentinian contact messaged the Land Rover Argentina Club to help but he was slightly too late. It would be nice to meet up with them anyhow. You never know when we will need help. Did I mention someone tried to pick-pocket me…..I caught the little sod but they retreated speedily as they don’t like confrontation by all accounts. This was on the subway. They went for Julies zip on her backpack yesterday but someone else saw them and warned Julie. Lovely place BA.

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