Supersize Me

We are in NY and camping on Manhattan Island…I bet its the cheapest accommodation in NY. We found the queue to get in a bit much even on Thanksgiving at 2pm. The queue for the tunnel was mammoth. We couldn’t use the tunnel….damn !!! Gas bottle on roof = banned. So we had to drive to a bridge and pay the $13usd toll. The tunnel is the same toll. Damn expensive. You will see for the map where we camped. Nice little park on the side of the road. No charge just we had to move at midday for street cleaning. Yesterday we parked right next to Times Square as there was no parking restrictions as its a holiday but didn’t camp and instead moved to the park. Henning paid $40usd per night for parking. You should have left it on the street and put your cover over it Henning. There’s loads of GS’s parked on the road here.
Some photos of Ohio when we stayed a Sean and Debbs’s (LOL, private joke as its Debb NOT Debbs). Also photos of the garage and the offending bearing. There’s one shot of the Super 8 Hotel where we stayed. Note the McDonald’s. We drove there in true LA Story style. All of 50 meters….maybe less. There’s a photo of our friends the Kiwis (she has the same hat so I could not resist) and can you spot Matilda in Times Square….????

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