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Some of you have asked me about one of the pictures where we are using an off-ground fire pit. This is the manufacturer “NatureHike” it’s officially listed as this on their website “Stainless Steel Camping Burning Rack”

Theres the stuff below is from their website. As they say a few words from the author.

If you look at Amazon or even eBay there are many different types available and I suppose it’s the buyer’s choice about whether you go for a brand or go for a cheap one. Would it make any difference, I’m not sure.

I agree it’s pretty easy to carry as it is quite small you can see from the photo below. It is quite easy to put together it comes with some spring clips that you insert into the end of the tubes that are used for the legs and they even give you a few spare ones for both the legs and for holding in the mesh so I’d recommend that you don’t put these in the bag with the unit as they could easily fall out.

It’s made out of stainless steel but the quality of which I cannot comment on but the guy in the shop urged us to buy this one and not the slightly cheaper larger version as he said they don’t last as well. I’m presuming that it’s a stainless steel issue with the other one and this one is better quality.

They also recommend that you don’t use charcoal in it as I would imagine that it burns hotter and might melt through the mesh so far we have been using wood and they do say that it can only carry 5 kg of wood although I’m not sure how much we put in we only put in a couple of pieces. When we used one previously at one of the overlanding shows we did load it quite well with wood and it was restocked all night and it didn’t collapse.

It is quite easy to put together and you leave in the spring clips once you put them in at purchase and it repacks in the bag all of the legs go inside the square middle hinge and then you roll the mesh around it and it slides very easily into the bag. It’s not one of these things where it doesn’t go back in the container once you have used it this has so far gone straight back in every time.

Easy to carry

Foldable, easy to store, small size, light weight, very suitable for outdoor camping and hiking.

It is quite small

Perfect design

Four-bracket cross design, firm structure, fixed by four screws, very firm, bearing about 5kg.


304 stainless steel, strong heat-receiving, not easy to corrode, fine mesh holes, ash will not fall to the ground.

Easy to use

Easy to use, less volume and weight is suitable for backpacking and camping,hiking,BBQ,survival etc. Easy to fire.

Outdoor fire pit

Outdoor fire pit is made from durable steel mesh and solid frame.Steel construction design makes this fire pit durable and long-lasting.

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