Plastic Sea…

Yeah there really is a TV series called that…

And an idyllic picture of the beach in Kenya at Diani looking like it should.

Diani Beach

But what it’s really like in parts is this.

This is of course nothing to what it is like in Oman and having just suffered the evening of a bank holiday long weekend on the beach. This morning I could see the devastation that had been caused with anything and everything that was used to feed their faces last night was dumped on the beach. Dumped anywhere and everywhere even though there are hundreds of bins around. The alcohol was flowing as is evidenced by something that will be reported later. Come on, there’s bins everywhere. Take pride and care of your (very) beautiful country

Welcome to Oman and it’s ethic on trash

It does remind me of a scene from Wall-E the Disney movie where the little robots go round cleaning up after everything.

M-O (Microbe-Obliterator)

A little bit of poetic licence taken on a direct quote from the production team at Pixar for the movie Wall-E.

M-O (Mess-Obliterators) are cleaner-immigrants programmed to clean anything that comes from Omani residents and nationals that is deemed a “foreign contaminant.” M-O travels speedily around the beach in his safety footwear, cleaning the dirty objects he encounters. He encounters a lot.

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