500 Days Of Summer

UK Shakedown….Route NC500. Country = Scotland.

A weeks driving testing every aspect of Henrietta and seeing some of the North and places i’ve never been to before. Weather was acceptable but not great. The Solar only just kept the batteries topped up and this considering almost no sunshine so was pleased and dissapointed in one go. If it had been keeping the  topped up in the dullness i’d have been delighted. We did the full NC500 route in the wet (almost) so the wipers got tested. Even had to go to HellFruads and get a new one as it wasn’t wiping. So nine quid spent on that. Turns out my oil pressure is also a bit off so need to work on that as i seems my oil pressure bypass relief valve is knackered so thats a job for this weekend. The Genuine parts for that were not cheap. A word of advice to the residents of Scotland in the very North. The mobile signal and internet from said signal is better in Ethiopia. Seriously. Took me well over an hour to upload two photos to our facebook page.

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