American Hustle

some times you just want to scream and I know some of you know what I mean….This morning the diff lock lamp was on ( don’t know if its in lock or not = bad ). The switch they broke was again broken. Not a good soldering job. I am unable to fix it and my second hand spare isn’t great. The linkage isn’t set up correctly…..why did I ever think it would be….it took me hours to set it up in the UK. There’s a plastic clip missing from the linkage that was there. I know it was as I put it there last time the box was out. So that’s been lost. I cannot fall off and can only come out if the linkage is disconnected.The mechanic said “I’ll just tighten everything up” when he’d last set the linkage. Nothing is tight and everything is loose. In fact I undid the diff-lock switch with my fingers. The same fingers I used to tighten it up ! The Hi-Low link is finger tight. The Diff-Lock locking bolt isn’t done up at all. The lock-nut on the transfer diff-lock lever is loose. Its been re-used !I can guess why they re-used the M8 lock nut. The USA is all Imperial. I have loads in my box….Who knows what else is wrong. I’m going to amend the rule of overlanding. Superseding rule number 1 which is NEVER DRIVE AT NIGHT  and straight in at #0.5 is NEVER LET ANOTHER PERSON TOUCH YOUR CAR ! Three times has this happened and two times there have been major issues afterwards, like this.  We still have a partial problem from the first time. Second was a disaster and this is getting there….

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