OK, so I’ve sat on this long enough and I’ve just got to let it out….Toilets in the USA.What is it about the gap around the entire edge so all that come in can see you sat there. In some toilets its an inch (make that 2 centimetres). One of the manufacturers is called “Hiny Hiders” and they not only do no hiding but certainly don’t hide my “hiny”. They also all end about a foot from the floor (make that 30cm) or more.  When I first came to the USA, many years ago, I was so put off by the gaps that I could not go to the toilet at all. In certain places here and usually its in the disabled stall they have the gap directly in front of the seating area….so you can guess what you can see there. All the toilets also have auto flush systems. At the first sign of you standing up to complete the last part of your sit down, the part that involves the toilet paper it flushes. You can try to stop it flushing but it still flushes no matter how careful you are, thus wasting over a gallon of water, sometimes more. That’s 4 litres to normal people. You can’t stop this inevitable occurrence and they all do it. You barely lift off and there it goes so each sitting takes two full flushes to complete. How is that good for the environment, water, waste processing, wear and tear and this is not considering the waste of electricity powering all those auto flush systems? Enough said. All you people who’ve been here on holiday will know what I mean. I like privacy when sitting……and shitting. How the scared Yanks put up with this paedophile enabling system is beyond me. I know I wouldn’t like my kids “Hiny” on show…..One more thing….the gaps are so large they don’t have (or need) a vacant and occupied signal on the latch on the outside as everyone can see the stall is occupied and what colour your underwear is anyhow. They might as well put windows in……

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