Brideshead Revisited

Travelling back over old routes in more ways than one. We’ve driven some of the Natchez Trace which was an old trade route of some 440 miles with a good visitor centre at the south end with good Wi-Fi and also free camps along its route. Not as we were told having loads of camps but only three….the map and guide listing one every few miles was indeed completely incorrect. We are also back tracking an area we travelled in later 2013 past St Louis. We are rapidly heading into the cold and the north. Snow on the ground in West Memphis this morning. We are heading up the Interstate 55 towards the junction of three states to cover them off. It looks like we will miss North Dakota as its just too far to get into. Forecast is to miss North Dakota and Hawaii in the states tour.Back to the Trace. Very interesting that the only thing left of quite a large town on the route was A) Church B)two old Safes….they theorise that one safe was from the post office. The church was in good order and still used. The thing that wiped out the town was poor land management, war and a beetle….

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