Turkey Shoot…

So there you have it. Unofficially back in Europe although still technically Asia for a bit.

I’ll post a comprehensive article about the what, where, why and WTF about Iraq in a bit. I might do it in bits as it might get a bit long otherwise. Not that we were there very long at all. ???? I wonder why.

We’ve got a few photos. Well more than a few. I need to get the internet sorted first. Hard enough doing this post.

We got some stickers in Kuwait for the trip to adorn (is that the correct word) the truck. I’ll post some of those and the reasons soon. You can probably guess why.. Should I now rip them off I wonder. Maybe it will help with euro police.

I must also remember to tell you about the insurance for Europe. My credit card isn’t happy.

Been a dry few months. Metaphorically speaking and literally in some ways. We missed all the storms in Oman, UAE etc and a car park in Oman in the river bed became a river again washing the cars, and trucks away. Luckily we’d already left the area. Oman wasn’t dry that day.

One thing you notice immediately ???? booze.

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