Kuwait Green Card Pass to travel to Iraq

Entry Gate below GPS 29.24375, 47.97391

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Permit Building GPS 29.24364, 47.97303

To get out of Kuwait into Iraq you need to go to a  Kuwait government office to get what they call a green card to get out of the country.  It’s a simple process where you hand over your blue visa paper to the ladies who process it, pass It between each other and then you get the boss to stamp It. There’s a map below of the office layout as when you walk in there is a ticket machine that issues what I call a “cheese counter number” for service.  You don’t need to get one of these or sit in that area with the automatic number system calling up the next customer.

Instead you go round the office to the far side to the left and the lady at the first desk will take your blue visa and start the process. She will hand this back to you and you will go to desk number two and then desk number three and eventually to the boss’s office, number four. The boss will stamp It and you are finished. The process is free and took about 30 minutes in total.

There is some free parking outside we did not try to go through the gate where the officer told us which building to go to. There is parking inside but we didn’t even try it’s best to park outside I guess.

Directly inside the gate you need to go to the last building on the right and up to the first floor.  Go straight into the office and around to the back left see the diagram below.

Gate House
Green Card Pass to get to Iraq
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