Toy Story1

Firstly a picture of the missile we missed the first time passing this way..Woody would not be happy….Here we are trying to get into a State Park in Minnesota and we’d done all the web stuff (which is pretty rubbish in the USA) but at least we knew the price. Well we thought we did but as we’ve discovered before they all tell lies. The $20 camping didn’t include the $5 park entry so it was too much for us and this is after we’ve driven there. Shit ! We’d even got meat and everything. Including expensive National Park firewood left over from Yellowstone. Special bug free National Park wood as all the wood in the parks is. So talking to some nice people outside they offered to pay for us ! We couldn’t let them do that, could we. Well yes we could but not all of it, just some of it and they were happy and so were we. They asked us to get a spot next to them and we were quite happy to do that. You know how I like to talk ! All set then.well no….The lady on the counter the one that had been not too helpful so far wouldn’t let us in the park with the wood we had. She wanted it and was going to burn it. Burn it in the same way we were going to. First though she would put it in two bags and seal it up. She wouldn’t let us have it back in the morning. “It must be burnt.” “It might be carrying bugs”. The fact that it was already here and on the roof of our car and in the State escaped her and the rules. So even though the guy she called when I kicked up a fuss who seemed to hint there was flexibility in the rules still failed to secure me getting it back in the morning. I mean I could have driven a mile out of the park, placed the wood under a tree and returned sans wood and gone back to get it in the morning. This solution would be much worse if the wood had bugs but that’s just me being illogically confused…..So the park would be $25 + $7.23 (our wood) + $6 (replaced with their wood)We left the money we were given (nice people) in an envelope. I hope they got it back !!!! and left disgusted with the stupidity of it all. We missed talking to the nice people and talking about some of the places we’d been. This included Ethiopia where they seemed to have worked previously. I hope they read this and I hope they know how much such generosity means to a tight Yorkshireman. We slept at Walmart and went to the SPAM museum in the morning. No free SPAM except a sample and its not too bad to split up the day. The exhibits donlt answer all my questions on the product or indeed give too much info on how good the meat actually is or why there is Chicken in some types????

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