Some More Sa Hospitality

Currently staying with an friend of my Dad from many moons ago. I think the last time my Dad and his mate (Malc) had a beer together was before i was born! They have kindly put us up in their spare room and his wife (Jen) made us cottage pie, of which i had two rather large helpings. Tomorrow we go in search of somewhere to refill the damn Camping Gaz cilinder….So far the only place thats been a problem is here and this is one of the places with a filling agent listed on the website. A company thats closed down. It was easier in Ethiopia !!!! In fact its been easier everwhere. Should i buy a cylinder with a 3/8ths BSP fitting. Will this work in South America….ARGH !!So tomorrow we also look for an adapter or get one made. 16mm x 1.5 male to 3/8ths BSP Female. We will then get it filled here and everywhere i hope. I think i can get one of these in the UK but thats the UK. Gaslow, where are you when i need you ???

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