Thoughts On Car And Camping

I’ve taken on board Guru Mike feelings on my clunk. I need to change the drive flanges and then the rear halfshafts. I will do this att he next Garage. The clunk seems to eminate for the rear so its a good idea. Its also easier than the front halfshafts. The Ball Joint i have is a Lewis adjustable so i wouldn’t suspect that i i’m not sure how to see if it is. I suppose i can tighten it up.Campsites are now all sorted as today we bought a guide and a map for the South African region. We are tonight in one near to a South African friend of Mike and Margaret and we’re meeting for Sunday Lunch at a Micro Brewery down the road. We went to the “Largest Mall in the Southern Hemisphere” today. They really must try harder down here. Its not very big but i bet it took 3 times as long to build as Meadowhall. I also wager it won’t get flooded with a bit of rain. Although Kruger Park seem to have that problem and they do it with style. They also seem to like taking money from our credit card for bookings we didn’t make. Another dispute going in to mastercard.

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