Failiure Expensive Success Even More So

The trip to the garage, 2 hours of labour later and lots of spare parts, some of which i already had and some which i didn’t ! The clunk is still there. Looks like i need an new front outputshaft on the Trans Box and a Front Output flange and a load more patience than i have. Also a bigger bank ballance. I wish i had the time and money to just get a new one plus a new Gear box plus a new front axle plus a new rear axle. I could then rest easy. I wish i new where the clunk appeared and why. Thats the most worrying thing. One day it wasn’t there and then it was. So i can’t see it being worn parts. To me that means broken parts. Suddend appearance means suddend cause. I managed to get the engine pressure washed and most of the underside as part of the deal so at least i can cross that off the list.We’re also having problems with accomodation in SA. We need safe camping every night and its not easy to come by. We have very limited choices and because its so crime ridden down here we cannot even blag a spot in the hilton car park or something. We only need safe parking.

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