Top Gunits Got Wings In It

Few more miles and a few more checks of the car. Some service work done again. I really need to count how many we’ve done for the trip in numbers page. I’ll do it when we get home. We stopped off in a little town on the way to the Canada border and found a nice Walmart and a Buffalo Wild Wings. Its Wings Tuesday so we can’t turn down 60c wings day at Buffalo. We could have eaten cheaply but had a beer, which isn’t. Only one. We’ve been splashing out a bit on eating out and we need to stop. Its getting expensive. Golden Corral and Buffalo Wild Wings and the odd Pizza. We still eat less than we used to. I think most overlanders loose weight although when they stop for a while the pile it back on! The trip is almost over and thats a shock. The booking of things to get us home is looming.Julie didn’t used to eat Chicken on the bone. How things (including us) have changed. The car park photo is what we see almost every day. Walmarts garden products section. We’ve been counting things for the trip in numbers and we’ve been to 220 McDonalds (at least) for Wi-Fi. We will try to get that exaclty when we are back……surely we should get a medal or something. At $2 (plus tax) for Wi-Fi its not bad but it was cheaper in Africa for a mobile sim card and internet in the car ! We could get a month worth for $10usd and here is costs us $2 for the decaf coffees. I don’t dring their tea, its awful. So we do get something else other than Wi-Fi for $2 but thats $60 per month if we do it every day (which we probably do !). I’m ashamed of it but the local places don;t have Wi-Fi or $1 drinks.

Now thats a big Alaskan Carrot ! They grow fast in the daylight 24 hours a day ! (I forgot we had the photo),

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