X Men Days Of Future Past

 1. 86,400,000 seconds2. 1,440,000 minutes3. 24,000 hours 4. 1000 days5. 142 weeks (rounded down)6. Two years 8 months and 26 days We are not quite there yet but its not long……Sometime in July we will be home and on July twenty something we are at 1000 days. Will we beat the deadline? Costco didn’t manage to honour there free balance and rotation promise and said it could not be done safely so what did I do?I took off the wheels in their car park and presented them to the guy to balance. I then rotated them myself ! So if you’re reading this Costco, you’ve failed us twice !!!! The guy gave some made up excuse about he book saying they were not allowed to jack up a Land Rover Defender as it could not be done safely. This is the same book I asked to see where it showed him where to jack it up !We stayed and drank with Chris and Jacqui who we knew from railway days many years ago. They now live in Canada and they cooked us some massive steaks….we drank lots and stayed up late. Their house is really nice and has a great view. Chris needs to pull his finger out and get it finished though. We men have a hard life keeping the women happy. last time we saw them was 4 years ago in Costa Coffee at home. The week before they emigrated.Now we are at Phil and Jan’s place in Nova Scotia trying to plan getting home. We’ll know more in a few days. I’m applying for jobs and all sorts or normal stuff. I don’t like it. That’s the getting home bit not the hospitality.

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