Long Way Home

More miles and more fuel. We are almost exactly following the route we did going west coming back east. So its not exactly interesting. We did manage to see the missile in the silo we missed last time as the gate was closed. You know when we went to the Minuteman thing. We are staying in the same car parks and driving the same boring road. The highway i90 isn’t the best road in the world and rather like Ruta 3 in Argentina. This time however its all green as last time it was all brown. Its better in green ! Its also got to be one of the least used roads in the world. There’s not many vehicles on it so its a pretty easy drive. In a  few more miles we will be in uncharted territory so that should be fun! A+ rating on the boring blog post ? The oils in the car are being checked each morning. The gearbox oil is red and staying red so we can only presume the new syncro’s were the cause of the brown oil, all exactly like Ashcroft’s said. I’ve been using a syringe to take a sample each day and that’s the Gearbox, Transfer and Engine all checked. Not that you need the syringe for the engine but you get the drift. We are about due to change Trans and Engine so we are not going to get away with getting dirty before we come home. We have at least one more change to do ! Julie will tell me its in the 50’s for the changes. I can’t be bothered to look ! When we update the our trip in numbers we will put them all on.

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