Dumb And Dumber

There we were driving round town in Tarija and a policeman jumps out and asks for the driving licence of the “conductor” (driver in English). He’s at Julies side of the car as always. I hand my licence to Julie and she hands it to him. He then asks for Julies licence not mine and is rather insistant and looks like he’s becoming a bit angry. We are both confused, he wants Julies licence! Julie points at the dash and the lack of steering wheel. He’s still not getting it…..I then say in Spanish that I’m the “conductor” and bang on the wheel. So now he’s on the same page….he tells us to be on our way…..red faced. He probably stopped us when he saw Julie not driving safely….probably fiddling with the sat-nav. Since she wasn’t driving in the first place I think he must have felt like a right numpty.The police arn’t the most observant here….it normallly takes them at least a minute to realise they are on the wrong side of the car. Julies frantic waving in the free space inbetween her and the windscreen does little to encourage them to actually look at who we are and what we are driving. Only once in Paraguay have they come directly to my side of the car and this was in an attempt to say we were illegally driving. We had all the paperwork…..now go away Mr. Policeman.Some Photos…We do sleep in the weirdest places under a bridge.Korean food….Bolivian Style.My overheating Engine. Yes that Celsius on the manifold

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