We met our first overlanders for ages in Uyuni and there’s a photo of their self built truck below. Pretty amazing what you can do with an old army flat bed Iveco. We went and messed around on the salt flats. We got Matilda a bit salty so she needed a wash. The pressure washer from hell managed to soak inside and blow a hole in my exhaust. We will be getting this welded again tomorrow. Tonight we stay at a campsite in Sucre which is basically someone’s front garden but they don’t live here anymore so we have the place to ourselves. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Sucre this is the place and the pin is on out map for today. Since my last post we’ve stayed in an Hotel….Again ! and had a feeble attempt by the police at a bribe of 5BOL…..about 50p. I’ve given up on arguing and we just drive off. In fact I just drive off at the slightest bit of lunacy at checkpoints. If they want to follow and stop us then they can learn to speak English ! They look at my fake driving licence like they know what it is, which they don’t. They then usually asking for something else like the vehicle documents which they also don’t know how to read or what it should look like. I Just drive off if given half a chance. We had some fun at the Salt Flats…..a must see. Seen one seen them all is almost the rule but this one is more fun. Its ashame you can see the mountains at the edge, otherwise it would look bigger. You can drive anywhere but we’d not recommend it….some places are wet and soft. Julie drove 58km…..its pretty hard seeing where you are going and seriously unless you have a GPS you’d be lost in a second. You don’t drive in a straight line unless you REALLY try hard. You think you’re pulling right and you’re not….the GPS trace shows what’s really happening. It would be so easy to get seriously in trouble even following the tracks.

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