Marathon Man

Julie has a (mother of all) toothache and has had it for a few days. She can’t sleep due to the pain and of course its a holiday weekend. Luckily the owners of the campsite know people and got one to open so she’s been checked out and the “Dr.” says its an infection. So we have some horse tablets and some bigger pain killers. I was dosing her with Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Amoxcillin which as it turns out is right on the money. I guessed the infection was not cavity but for some reason the Doc want to drill for oil on Tuesday. She’s currently trying to get some sleep. We’ve “borrowed” some Valium off the owner for tonight. So, we are here for another few days at least. Its a nice little place and we have it all to ourselves so its no bad thing. We can walk into town as its very near. Julies off the drink due to both drugs and especially the Valium.You can see from the photos that my repair of Julies hand went well….I doubt it will leave much of a scar after the pink goes.

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