Three Feet High And Rising

On Tuesday we went to see our niece Jessica at Newcastle uni. Shes only been there for two weeks so we just missed her when we came home. Thankfully we still get free rail travel so we went for a visit. She has a really nice room in halls and they are not at all like I remember. The ones i’ve seen before were rather poor in comparison.As part of the trip we I took to opportunity to get myself an International Driving Licence from the central post office. The only problem being the jumped up little tart on the counter who decided that my photos weren,t good enough!!!? Now these are exactly the same photos used for my passport, my last IDP, my visas and in fact every other official document I’ve obtained recently. The immigration in about 25 countries think I look like the person in the photo and the UK passport agency think they are of good enough quality to use for a passport. So now we need to go to another post office to get one as they don’t do them locally.sWe still have one one quote for shipping and its too expensive. All the car parts and maps are on order for the trip to South America. We’ve spent a lot of money today.

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