Over The Hedge

So today we went home for a looksee. Its still there which is pretty amazing considering. We spent the entire day cleaning up and cutting the overgrown hedge, mowing grass and starting our cars. The cars have be stationary for he year and the hedge certainly hasn’t. Even though my Mum had it cut properly it was still overgrown. Thanks to my Dads long trimmer we got most of it done without the help of ladders. We normally stand on Matilda’s roof to get to the top but since she’s in Africa (resting) we needed some more help in the way of an Aluminium ladder. You did know Land Rovers are made from Aluminium didn’t you? (Something to do with WW2 and the abundance of aluminium and the lack of steel).Another few things crossed off the list.I also managed to power up the PC for an update and to grab some maps for the south america section. Need to go back home again for a major downloading session to get all the maps and info for the next few months. Planning for this part of the journey hasn’t even been started so i’ve got my work cut out for me.Is this really what living a normal life is like? I want out as soon as possible…A little update on the sleeping arrangements at my Mums. I’m sleeping on the floor. Can’t get on with being in a bed at all. I feel like Crocodile Dundee….I should have really saved that for another blog entry. Now if the bed was like the ones on Hilton Dubai Creek I might try the bed again.

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