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Grill Baik, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

First port of call was the Fish Market and we bought a shark.

Fujairah Fish Market
Fish Filleting Service

You then take your fish to the area where they (with a cat wistfully looking on) fillet them (for a small fee).

Cat watching fish being filleted

When travelling we usually cook for ourselves due to costs and location but when we do eat out we are sometimes (Nelly always) disappointed due to price/quality.

But that all changed when we met Jeff (aka 2wheels7lands on tiktok) who likes to integrate with the locals, to our benefit.

Next the vegetable market to buy the ingredients for a salad.

Fujairah Vegetable Market

We then headed to a “Grill Baik” (essentially a place where they can grill your own ingredients (or just order from their menu) next to the market. They cooked our fish to our specification and prepared our salad (but it seems that maybe our request for watermelon salad was not in their normal repertoire as it came separate).

Watermelon & Mint Salad minus watermelon
Grilled Shark Fillets

It was delicious (of course it was as all they did was cook it as specified by Nelly) and something we would never have done if not for Jeff, thanks Jeff!

Approx £7.09 pp

GPS: 25.123525 56.353803

Photos: overlandbirds.com

Photos taken November 2023

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